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5 Easy Fixes To Save Your Vacuum From Death

Full Vacuum Bag

1. Change Vacuum Bags Often- If your vacuum is not running the way it should, check the vacuum bag. If it is full or over-full, you may not have very good suction and the motor may be overheating.

This is the most common issue that causes vacuums to die early. A full bag causes the motor to work harder and is not good for the vacuum.

Also, don't wait till the bag is chock full before you change it. If it is half full or more, it is ready to be changed.

Broken Vacuum Belt

2. Change The Belt- If you have suction, but the brush roll is not turning, the belt could be broken or slipping. Although this might be a little more difficult to replace, it is an inexpensive part that will revive your vacuums power.

Dirty Vacuum Fiter

3. Change The Filters- Poor suction or a loud sounding vacuum could be due to filters that are plugged up. You might have 2 or 3 filters on a vacuum that need cleaning or replacement, check your model for the location.

Sometimes these filters are washable, while others are paper style filters that are disposable and need replacement after they get dirty.

Vacuum Brush Roll

4. Change The Brushes or Brush Roll- The spinning brush roll sweeps up the dust and dirt out of your carpet and back into the vacuum. If the brushes on the brush roll are worn or too short to make good contact with the carpet, or perhaps just filled with hair and debris, it might be time to change the brush roll.

Clogged Vacuum

5. Clear Out Clogs- Nothing will stop a vacuum like a clog in the vacuum tube. some vacuums clog more easily than others, and the restriction will bring your vacuum to a halt. A good way to clear these clogs out at home is to use a wire or coat hanger to clear out the clog.

Conclusion: The good news is, our store, Reliable Vacuum, carries bags, belts, filters and brushes for your vacuum. Also, if you would like someone else to take care of these problems, we can do it for you!

Stop in to our store anytime, we are conveniently located inside the West Fargo Sunmart store.

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